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Trading Consequences - Location Cloud

This visualization shows the relation between a selected commodity and location mentions across time. Based on data mined from digital historical archives, the visualization provides an overview of commodity mentions in relation to certain locations extracted from over 170.000 historic documents.

The purpose of the visualization is to provide a general overview of how the importance of location mentions in relation to a particular commodity changed between 1800 and 1920.

Entering a commodity of interest brings up timeline view that lists the top 50 locations mentioned in relation to the selected commodity. Location labels are scaled according to the importance of the location within its decade. Hovering over a location label, shows its frequency of mention in relation to the selected commodity. Also, the same location within other decades are highlighted. Selecting a location label brings up a detailed chart of commodity-location mentions across the years, normalized based on the overall number of location mentions in each year. Also, samples sentences are shown to provide some context in which the commodity and location were discussed. Upon request, a full list of relevant documents and sentences in which the commodity and location occur in are shown in a new window.

Locations can be filtered by frequency of mention (histogram at the top) or continent.

You can find more information about how to interact with the visualiztion here. The visualization is enjoyed best with newer versions of the Chrome Browser - other browsers will not work.

The underlying data of the visualization comes from historic texts from the following sources:

This visualization is implemented in JavaScript using the libraries D3.js and jQuery.js.

This visualization was built as part of the Trading Consequences Project, a collaboration between Environmental Historians at York University and University of Saskatchewan, Researchers in Text Mining and Language Processing in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, software engineers from EDINA, and Information Visualization researchers at the University of St Andrews.

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